Driving down to Amsterdam!

June 03, 2016
The TwentyThree boys are in a car, going down to Amsterdam for an event we are sponsoring!!! Enjoy.

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BIBP Vaccine Compared to Other Vaccines? The efficacy of head-to-head vaccines cannot be compared because each vaccine has a different approach to research design. But overall, all vaccines authorized by the WHO for emergency use. They are all highly effective in preventing severe symptoms.

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with a document certifying the safety Including among pregnant women, therefore, the efficacy of the vaccine in pregnant women Therefore, it is expected to be comparable to that found among non-pregnant women of similar ages.Therefore, in the meantime, the WHO recommends BIBP vaccination in pregnant women.

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Should it be injected to women who are pregnant or not?until now The data obtained with the BIBP vaccine are insufficient to assess the efficacy of the vaccine. or the risks associated with the vaccine if it is administered to a pregnant womanHowever, this vaccine is The "inactivated vaccine" in the vaccine contains the same

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